Should I try to expand social media platforms?

Okay, so I have been contemplating getting a youtube channel or a podcast perhaps for trying to reach out to military pagan community and provide some resources for them or perhaps get other resources for me. However, since I haven’t blogged a whole lot and my blog isn’t getting noticed a whole lot I am thinking about setting a youtube channel because it pretty simply and most people like to watch videos since it is easy to do.

The caveat to this, I will not show my identity, as of now in my vids. So, that is also why I thought of a podcast and I would like to know if any who has podcasted could let me know some things before I get started?

I thought about patreon but I don’t wanna do something I intend as hobby turn into something I dread because of additional money. SO that kind comes last.

Please let me know about other platforms.

Sorry and a book review

Been really busy. I will provide a book review. This particular book is focused on Goddesses.

I have recently read “Finding Your Goddess” by Skye Alexander. I will try to give a decent review, but without giving everything away.

Pros: This is a book of diverse choices Goddesses from different cultures. It’s not just typical ones like Greek, Celtic, and Norse either. They have ones from Indigenous cultures, African cultures, and Hindu religion(more than just Kali and Shiva).  Lots of options to choose from. Also, goes into what each Goddess has been know to represent and how to manifest each of these Goddesses. References websites for you to look up. Great as a quick reference.

Cons: Some of the quotes at the beginning of each Deity’s page didn’t even relate to that Goddess(that’s minor and nick-picky), I felt like there needed to more Goddesses for Polynesian/Islander practitioners than just Pele.  I also felt like, some Goddesses had some more info than others when there’s a lot more info online for said Goddesses.

Overall: It’s not a horrible book and will use as a quick reference, but needs a bigger pantheon for some of them.


Take care guys

US Military and Paganism

Something to make clear, “Paganism/Wicca/Heathenism/etc” are all acknowledged and protected religions in the United States(it’s a first amendment right). Service members are allowed to affiliate themselves on documentation and ID tags. Religion charms/pendants are authorized on ID tags(at least for the Army). In 2007, the pentacle was authorized as an option for fallen service members. Now with that info out of the way, here are common questions.

Q: Has any of your comrades/superiors treated you differently? 

No, because I’m the person they work with and all they care about is what I contribute to the team. I treat them with respect as they treat me with respect. If I were treated differently, or felt like I wasn’t treated fairly, I could actually report them for “Equal Opportunity” since this is an issue of “creed”. Military, does not play with that kind of thing. 

Q: Does the military have services for Pagans?

It really depends on your base and location. My base does, but the days and hours are kind of inconvenient, but they have it. The one in my neck of the woods, is more Wicca-type, however, I am not opposed to joining them, because I like to meet like-minded people I can relate to. 

Q: Has the military and religious beliefs conflicted?

Most of ancient Paganism was built by warrior societies. In fact, ever since becoming Pagan, I felt more appreciative of the military. There are so many similarities that many service members(regardless of faith) could learn from. I kind of went off topic. Sometimes you have to make the hardest decisions that go against your faith, ALL the time; especially in the military. However, that doesn’t make any less of a person of that faith. Whatever, wrong that you do(because we’re human, we fail by design) you take that up with personal Deity and think how to move from there.

Q: What’s some words of advice you could give to Pagans about to join or who are new to the military?

In my experience, most people do not give a shit what your faith is; what matters is accomplishing the mission. THAT’S IT. You don’t have to come out about being Pagan right away if you don’t want to, but if you do, it will be okay. Don’t be afraid of what that base has to offer.

These are very few questions. I am sure there are more questions that could be asked for Pagan service members. If you served/currently serving, received more questions than just this, I would love to hear them.



First Post

It’s been a while since I have blogged. Last time, I have blogged has been tumblr and I don’t use that blogging site anymore because I kept getting porn blogs following me and I got tired of seeing the same social issues so up. Okay, now let’s get to the real stuff.

My name? Just refer to me as Serpent, for now. I follow Pagan beliefs. My path is more of Asatru/Heathenism and Chamorro(specifically Guam) pantheon. I do conduct spells and certain aspects of witchcraft from time to time, but I mostly pray to the Gods/Goddesses. I currently serve the US Military and there isn’t many who follow Paganism, so I practice my faith in solitude.

I decided to create this blog because I wanted to see what other pagans are out there that are serving the US Military. I also wanted to share,swap experiences, and give tips to those who are serving. I may post a vlog on youtube, but it’s currently a step I’m not ready for yet.


Nice to meet you folks.